Custom Furniture Warranty

There are many reasons to buy furniture that is made in America, and we would like you to be fully aware of the one year warranty at Urbanlux. It gives you an opportunity to understand that we pride ourselves in superior craftsmanship and our furniture will last for generations. We have been perfecting our designs for over 8 years and are dedicated to helping you with any issues you may have with your purchase.

Wood is a phenomenal and sacred material. It is greatly affected by moisture, humidity and extreme temperatures. Exposing the table to direct sunlight may cause the finish to fade. Though our tables are constructed to allow for some expansion and contraction, exposing the table to moisture or humidity can cause a change in dimension to your table as the wood can close or open up causing cracks. Please maintain a suitable environment for your table.

Our warranty does not cover damage from abuse, exposure to moisture, humidity, or extreme temperatures that may occur in outdoor use. Warranty does not cover wear and tear. Warranty is only valid with the original purchaser.

In the event that there's damage to your furniture after the warranty has expired we will offer options to repair if possible or offer replacement at a cost to the purchaser.

You can purchase an extended warranty for an additional cost that will extend the warranty period after one year.  Extended Warranties are only available at time of furniture purchase.