Unique Artistry By Marie

Welcome to the enchanting world of Marie's hand-painted furniture, exclusively at Urbanlux. Here, every piece tells a story, painted meticulously by hand to transform everyday furniture into extraordinary works of art. Experience the beauty and craftsmanship that Marie brings to life, with designs that blend classic techniques with contemporary artistic vision.

The Painting Process

Discover the meticulous process that sets Marie’s work apart:

  1. Concept and Design: Each project begins with a vision. Marie collaborates closely with clients to tailor designs that reflect their personality and decor needs.
  2. Preparation: Quality begins from the ground up. Marie ensures each piece of furniture is prepared with care, including sanding and priming to ensure the best canvas.
  3. Painting: Using premium paints and techniques, Marie hand-paints each piece. Whether it's intricate patterns or bold color washes, every stroke is purposeful.
  4. Finishing Touches: Durability meets design as each piece is finished with top coats that protect the art and enhance the depth of colors.


From vibrantly rejuvenated dressers to elegantly reimagined tables, each piece showcases the potential of transformed furniture. 


 Dreaming of a custom piece? Learn how you can collaborate with Marie to create furniture that perfectly fits your space and style. Whether you want to rejuvenate a beloved heirloom or commission a new piece, Marie can make your vision a reality.  Contact us for more information!