Meet Marie-Co-Founder, Furniture Artisan & Designer

Marie, smiling, in her workshop surrounded by her beautifully hand-painted furniture and a selection of curated home décor items.]

Passionate Artisan & Curator

Marie's journey into the world of furniture and home decor began with her profound love for transforming spaces.  Marie has honed an exceptional ability to not only envision beautiful spaces but bring them to life with her artistic touch and expert curation.

Urbanlux: A Birth of Vision

Driven by a desire to offer personalized, handcrafted furniture, Marie founded Urbanlux with a commitment to sustainability and design excellence. Every piece of furniture and décor item at Urbanlux is a testament to her vision of marrying functional design with environmental responsibility.

Artistry in Every Detail

Marie personally hand paints many of the furniture pieces, adding unique touches that make each item a work of art. Her meticulous nature extends to the selection of every home décor item in the store, ensuring that everything Urbanlux offers is both beautiful and meaningful. Marie’s expertise and intuitive sense for the right piece for the right place have earned her a loyal clientele who trust her vision implicitly.

Marie’s Philosophy

"Every home should tell a story — your story. Our role at Urbanlux is to help you express yourself through your space. We provide the canvas and the palette; you provide the inspiration."

Community & Industry Impact

Beyond her role at Urbanlux, Marie regularly hosts workshops, sharing her passion for design and furniture painting.

Personal Touch

When not in the workshop or scouring for the next great piece of décor, Marie is  always on the lookout for new ideas and cultural inspirations that she can share with her clients.