Meet Henry-Co-Founder & Master Craftsman at Urbanlux

Henry, smiling confidently, in his workshop surrounded by woodworking tools and pieces of custom furniture in various stages of completion.

Precision Craftsmanship, Innovative Design

Henry is not only the co-founder of Urbanlux but also the heart behind each meticulously crafted piece of furniture that comes out of our workshop. With a background as a machinist and an innate passion for woodworking, Henry brings precision and innovation to the art of furniture making.

Background & Journey

Growing up in a family where craftsmanship was both a livelihood and a legacy, Henry developed a deep respect for building things with his hands from a young age. He honed his skills and precision as a machinist, a profession that taught him the importance of detail and accuracy—qualities that he would later bring to the world of custom furniture.

After years in the machining industry, Henry's love for design and desire to create more tangible, artistic pieces led him to transition into furniture making. His technical skills seamlessly translated into woodworking, allowing him to design and construct furniture that combines classic techniques with modern aesthetics.

Urbanlux: The Dream Realized

In founding Urbanlux, Henry aimed to challenge the conventional furniture industry by introducing pieces that are not only functional but also exquisitely designed and personalized to each client’s preferences. At Urbanlux, Henry oversees the production process, ensuring that every piece meets the high standards for which Urbanlux is known.

Artistry Meets Precision

Henry’s approach to furniture making is rooted in a philosophy that every piece should be built to last, both in style and structure. His background as a machinist is evident in the meticulous details and the flawless finishes of Urbanlux furniture. Henry is particularly renowned for his ability to work with a variety of materials, crafting pieces that are both innovative and timeless.

Henry’s Philosophy

"Furniture making is not just about filling a space. It’s about creating an environment that reflects the personality and enhances the life of the owner. At Urbanlux, we’re building more than furniture—we’re crafting the future heirlooms that will tell your story for generations."