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Have you heard the buzz?! Fusion Mineral Paint is the premier DIY décor paint on the market . It is a non-toxic, highly durable paint that has all of the beauty and versatility of chalk paints, but with an extra degree of durability. It's safe to use on anything from floors to furniture to walls. It is truly revolutionary!

Top 4 Reasons!


Fusion Mineral Paint is the easiest, most durable, scratch resistant, longest lasting DIY paint you can use. Why spend your money on professional finishes or products? You can do it all with our Fusion Mineral Paint! Yes, it's true! In some cases you may choose to use our Tough Coat for a little extra protection on very high traffic areas, but most of the time just paint and done! Yes, Fusion Mineral Paint is easy. You don’t need to strip it down to raw wood either! Minimal prep means a clean surface and possibly a light sanding by hand is all the prep that is usually needed. Super slick manufactured surfaces like melamine or laminate, we recommend using our Ultra Grip which makes painting the impossible possible. You can paint fabric, metal, glass and plastic too!

Get ready for less mess in your home and on the job with Fusion. The smooth finish is easy to clean and durable enough to handle daily use without chipping. Perfect for kids’ rooms, nurseries or any room that gets a lot of traffic!


When you paint with Fusion you will find that there is virtually no odour. This makes indoor painting enjoyable and safe for everyone. Nursery projects, kids crafts, or whatever your project is, it can be done with no worry about strong and harmful odours. Our environmentally and health conscious formula is also lead free, phlalate free, formaldehyde free, ammonia free.


Manufactured with the highest quality finely ground, natural mineral pigment and that means you will not get a better depth of colour or coverage from any other paint.  You can expect an astounding 75 sq ft of coverage per pint (500ml). which is equal to about 1 quart of a Chalk Type paint, for a lot less money and time! It’s gives a matte, creamy, opaque and perfectly smooth finish! One coat is all you will need for most surfaces, however we always say 2 thinner coats is better for a super fine and smooth finish. Because we use real Mineral pigments, our paint is also naturally UV resistant and your colour will not fade over time!


Many paints say they are acrylic but they contain added ingredients that compromise the finish. Fusion is 100% acrylic, water based with NO added latex or vinyl. All of this with an industrial grade resin means a waterproof  finish that you will not get with other paints. Period! This means a long lasting, durable finish, even outdoors.






 For more information visit:  www.fusionmineralpaint.com

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